Leonardo Orlanski graduated from Universidad Austral with Gold Medal (2000) and has a master’s in administrative law, also obtaining the Master Medal (2003).


Leonardo Orlanski has recognised expertise in regulatory and competition law in technology industries, dynamic markets and infrastructure. In 2014, he founded Orlanski & Asociados Abogados (www.oyalegal.com), a law firm focused on regulatory and competition advise in different countries. Previously, he had been a partner at Rosso Alba, Francia & Asociados since 2005.

At the Austral University, he is professor of constitutional law and also conducts lectures of economic regulation at the master’s in administrative law. He has been lecturer at several congresses concerning technology, regulation and competition, such as the XVI National Lawyers Conference organized by the Mexican Bar in Chiapas, Mexico, 2018, concerning regulation of OTT media.

Mr. Orlanski has long years of experience in competition and in regulated sectors, particularly energy, telecommunications and other infrastructure industries, in Argentina as well as in other countries.

In the competition law field, he provided advise to BP in the sale of its investment to Pan American Energy, USD 7.1 billion; Latin Lawyer 11.30.10. He also provided competition advise for the design and implementation of joint venture projects for the piping industry in several countries such Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Malaysia,Colombia, Perú, among others. He has also advised clients in M&A and anticompetitive conducts processes in Argentina and abroad, in industries including oil; telecommunications (i.e. the acquisition of the mobile company CTI – today Claro, one of the largest mobile companies in Latin America); grains; car manufactures; tubes; beverages; transportation; ports; energy; among others.

He is recognized by the Latin Lawyer’s Latin American Corporate Counsel Association (LACCA) as first option for Public Law in Argentina (https://latinlawyer.com/lacca/approved/countries/argentina/administrative-law).

He has also been recommended for several years as one of the “Leaders in their field” (Public Law) by Chambers Latin America.

Among his recent professional challenges, he has been counsel for Uber in the launching and deployment of its operations in Argentina.


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Pablo Cardozo García is a lawyer graduated with honors from the Universidad Austral in 2012.

He is a Master in Law (LL.M.) with a concentration in Administrative Law from the Austral University.

He did a university exchange at Fordham University – School of Law in New York (2012).


Pablo A. Cardozo García worked as an associate at the law firm Orlanski & Asociados since 2015. Previously, he worked as an associate at the law firm Rosso Alba, Francia & Asociados (2012-2015) and as a paralegal at the law firm Baker & McKenzie (2011).

He works in various areas, but his work focuses mainly on constitutional and regulatory law, international human rights law and administrative law.

For several years, he has been advising technology companies on the various fronts that arise in the development of their businesses and products in Argentina and in different markets. He has also advised important national and foreign media groups on matters related to freedom of expression and competition in the sector.

At the academic level, he is an Adjunct Professor in the Chair of Constitutional Law II (Human Rights) of the Faculty of Law of the Austral University and is Professor in charge of the Right to Information subject at the Faculty of Communication of the Austral University.


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